The Golden Wedding of Mr and Mrs Husey-Hunt, Brighton, 1890

We recently came across this lovely dinner invitation to celebrate the Golden Wedding of Mr & Mrs Husey-Hunt of Brighton. It was sent in 1890.
Research told me that the Golden Wedding celebration belonged to Bernard Senior (who would later become Husey-Hunt in 1843 following the death of Bernard’s father and his consequent inheritance of the Compton Pauncefoot estate) and his wife, Jane, nee Blackmore. …Bernard was born 9th April 1811 in Plymouth, Devon, seven years after his wife. The couple married on 28th April 1840 at St Edmonds in Salisbury. Bernard was a solicitor and died in 1894, aged 82. His wife, Jane, was to follow him one year later.The Mr & Mrs Gibson-Watts to whom the invitation was sent would be James Watt Gibson-Watts and his wife, Henrietta. James Watt Gibson-Watts was a descendent of industrial revolution pioneer, James Watt, who will always be remembered for his revolutionary improvement to the steam engine.Pretty amazing what can be discovered from one very old small, paper invitation.
Golden Wedding Invitation, 1890
Golden Wedding Invitation, 1890
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