Miss Annie Lavender 1911 Leeds, Yorkshire

Postcard of Whitmore Bay, Barry posted on 2nd February 1911 from Barry.

Dorisbrook, Barry 2.2.1911

Dear Annie

I got the pen, papers and also your nice P.C. Come over here and bring Alice & Annie & Eva. You could do a nice paddle here, better than the River Aire. Next address c/o Grand Canary Coal Co, Las Palmas. Canary Islands. We should get there in 10 days time and stay there 10 days. Well love to all and be good. Hope to see you all in summer if I don’t stay in NY. Stevie

Posted to Miss A Lavender, 29 Grove Hall Drive, Beeston, Leeds, Yorks

Miss Annie Lavender appears in the 1911 census with her family at the same address on Grovehall Drive. The property is described as having 6 rooms.

Annie Clarice Lavender, born 20th Feb 1884 in Worcester, was the eldest daughter of Joseph and Prudence Lavender. Joseph was a shoemaker and later an Engineer’s Timekeeper. The family had moved up to Leeds from the Midlands, living at 15 Beverley Avenue, Beeston before the move to Grovehall Parade.

Other children for Joseph and Prudence includes: William Miles Lavender, born c1886, Harold born c 1888, Joseph H, born c1889 and Evelyn.

Annie died, unmarried, in 1975.

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