Beautiful memorial cards, TOOLEY – 1917, 1918 – Northamptonshire


who died 16 October 1917 aged 66

Interred Lowick Churchyard, Mon 22 Oct 1917


Agnes Augusta TOOLEY

who died 16 January 1918 aged 63

Interred in Lowick Churchyard

Mr and Mrs TOOLEY died within just 3 months of each other. How sad this must have been for their family!

I managed to find John and Agnes TOOLEY straightaway on the 1911 census at Lowick Lodge Farm, Lowick (8 rooms). John was a farmer, he had been married to Agnes Augusta for 32 years and they had 9 children, 7 surviving.

Children living with them:

Charles Heneage TOOLEY, 24, farmworker

Edwin Harry TOOLEY, 21, farmworker

Agnes Augusta TOOLEY, 19, dairy worker

Frederick Ernest TOOLEY, 17, farmworker

Mary Louise TOOLEY, 16, dairy and house work

Along with John’s nephew, Raymond Frederick William JOHNSON, 18, wheelwright.

In the 1901 census, John was a clerk of works on the estate and the 1901 census also revealed their older children:

Susan E TOOLEY, 21, post office clerk; and

John W TOOLEY, 19, Droper’s Assistant

This is the Lowick in Northamptonshire (not to be confused with other Lowicks in England.

There must be some descendants out there who would like these cards? Let’s get them sent home

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