Woolfe Levitch, Bethnal Green School Report, 1925

Here is the school report for Wolf (Woolfe) Levitch from Bethnal Green School. It’s dated 1925, when Woolfe was 14 years old. He was born in London, although his parents had come over from Vilna, Russia (present day Lithuania) sometime in the late 19th century.  I will keep you updated on our research.

The Golden Wedding of Mr and Mrs Husey-Hunt, Brighton, 1890

We recently came across this lovely dinner invitation to celebrate the Golden Wedding of Mr & Mrs Husey-Hunt of Brighton. It was sent in 1890.   Research told me that the Golden Wedding celebration belonged to Bernard Senior (who would later become Husey-Hunt in 1843 following the death of Bernard’s father and his consequent inheritance of the ComptonContinue reading “The Golden Wedding of Mr and Mrs Husey-Hunt, Brighton, 1890”

John D D Young, Newcastle on Tyne, 1859

I was around 15 when I came across this very special item, the first “special branches treasure” if you like. It was in the late 1980s and this medal was found at the back of a cupboard in a house in south Leeds, Yorkshire, England. It was awarded to John D D Young, Stage 6A, NewcastleContinue reading “John D D Young, Newcastle on Tyne, 1859”