Dr Robert C G Williams 1924 London

University of London General School Examination – Midsummer 1924 (Thursday 19 June)

Candidate: Robert C G Williams

This was found tucked away inside a book in a charity shop.

. . .

Some more information discovered about Robert. He married Edith E Morrow at Westminster in 1937.

Later Dr Robert C G Williams – Chief Engineer at Phillips Electrical Industries 1962

Awarded Order of the British Empire and became Professor of Electronics for the University of Surrey in 1970.

Woolfe Levitch, Bethnal Green School Report, 1925

Here is the school report for Wolf (Woolfe) Levitch from Bethnal Green School. It’s dated 1925, when Woolfe was 14 years old. He was born in London, although his parents had come over from Vilna, Russia (present day Lithuania) sometime in the late 19th century. 

I will keep you updated on our research.

Levitch Woolfe