1851 Letter Messrs Howcliffe & Son, Stogumber, Taunton

7 November 1851 To Mrs Tripp? Dear Madam We are much obliged by your favour of the 5th visit and greatly regret that W Rowcliffe must go to London on Monday, and will be engaged there all that week and part of the next. WCER? will however be most happy to wait on you onContinue reading “1851 Letter Messrs Howcliffe & Son, Stogumber, Taunton”

Miss Annie Lavender 1911 Leeds, Yorkshire

Postcard of Whitmore Bay, Barry posted on 2nd February 1911 from Barry. Dorisbrook, Barry 2.2.1911 Dear Annie I got the pen, papers and also your nice P.C. Come over here and bring Alice & Annie & Eva. You could do a nice paddle here, better than the River Aire. Next address c/o Grand Canary CoalContinue reading “Miss Annie Lavender 1911 Leeds, Yorkshire”

Summons to George Bestwick of Leek, 1876

Summons to George BESTWICK of Regent Street in Leek in the county of Stafford, Silk Manufacturer “………………..did employ in a certain factory in your occupation a certain child named Joseph Shenton for more than seven working days without having obtained a surgical certificate for the said child. These are therefore to command you in HerContinue reading “Summons to George Bestwick of Leek, 1876”

The Rector’s Wife’s Letter Mary A Haines, Kirkby Stephen, 1884

Great Musgrave, Kirkby Stephen July 31st 1884 Dear Mr Brown Having casually heard “that Mr Bradburn has been to Carlisle and taken away all deeds and papers and that they are now in his possession” I write to let you know what I have heard, trusting that you will excuse my letter, but I cannotContinue reading “The Rector’s Wife’s Letter Mary A Haines, Kirkby Stephen, 1884”

When time travelling is possible…

How it began…. I’ve been hooked on family history since I was 13 when we were set a school project to research our family history. I won the prize (thanks Mrs Beale) which was a Mars bar and a packet of ready salted crisps – seriously guys, back in 1985 this was a big deal!Continue reading “When time travelling is possible…”

Dear Mother postcard, Dorothy Parr, Widnes, 1915

TUCK’s postcard of a Coldstream Guard. A postcard written to Dear Mother, I hope you have arrived safely. I have enjoyed myself very much there. Yours, Dorothy. Dated 5 August 1915, sent from Chester to Mrs Parr of 47 Irwell Street, Widnes, Lancs. Looking to be returned to the PARRS family. Research notes: we found Dorothy ParrContinue reading “Dear Mother postcard, Dorothy Parr, Widnes, 1915”

Daniel Ivor Williams, 1944

This is the Life Assurance premium receipt for Daniel Ivor Williams. He paid a premium of £2 12s 8d on 6th March 1944. Let’s hope it was a long while before it was called upon. There is a good candidate on Ancestry – Daniel Ivor Williams, born 23 March 1898 in Llangyfelach, Wales. He diedContinue reading “Daniel Ivor Williams, 1944”

Hilda Ward attends the Albert Hall, Leeds, 1911

  It’s Saturday, 18th March, 1911 and Hilda Ward is about to attend the Albert Hall in Leeds, (shown above, this was the Leeds Institute and is now the City Museum)  to collect a prize awarded to scholars from the RSPCA. She has her ticket ready, a seat has been reserved for her (Row C, No.11)Continue reading “Hilda Ward attends the Albert Hall, Leeds, 1911”

Woolfe Levitch, Bethnal Green School Report, 1925

Here is the school report for Wolf (Woolfe) Levitch from Bethnal Green School. It’s dated 1925, when Woolfe was 14 years old. He was born in London, although his parents had come over from Vilna, Russia (present day Lithuania) sometime in the late 19th century.  I will keep you updated on our research.