It’s a nice day for a white wedding…

Wedding Photographs

Written on the back: “23 January 1947

Jean GOODBEHERE’s wedding”

Looks like this could be Jean M GOODBEHERE and Arthur Broughton THOMAS’s wedding in the January quarter of 1947 in Bucklow, Cheshire.

Jean was born in 1925 (mother’s maiden name WARHURST) so she would have been 21/22 years old on this photograph. I would think that’s her father stood with her.

There is a marriage for a Muriel Eugenie WARHURST and a Percy GOODBEHERE in 1922 in Cheshire. This must be Jean’s parents.

And a possible sister Pamela Doreen GOODBEHERE was born in 1923 in Chorley (could this be one of the bridesmaids on the photo?). Pamela would marry Anthony M HARRAL the year after these photographs also in Bucklow.

Percy GOODBEHERE was born on 10 March 1892. He served as 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Flying Corps and RAF during World War One and I was very lucky to find a photo of him online taken in 1917.

Percy and Muriel can be found in the 1939 at Summer House, Lleyn, Carnarvonshire. At that time, Percy was a manager at a wireworks company.

So a wonderful tale can be told from these three photographs found with a name and a date pencilled in one the reverse. Let’s get these sent back home to any descendants ….

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