1851 Letter Messrs Howcliffe & Son, Stogumber, Taunton

7 November 1851

To Mrs Tripp?

Dear Madam

We are much obliged by your favour of the 5th visit and greatly regret that W Rowcliffe must go to London on Monday, and will be engaged there all that week and part of the next. WCER? will however be most happy to wait on you on Monday, if that will be agreeable to you. Unless we hear from you to the contrary by return of post, he hopes to be at the Hele? Station by the train which arrives there at 12.27. But should there be no immediate necessity for seeing one of us WR —— will not fail to go to you the first moment his business will permit him to leave London. We beg to thank you for your very kind visit —- with best compliments of ——

Ps we will beg for the favour of an —- at all events by return says —- WCER shall go to you on Monday or WR as soon as he can get away from London.