Summons to George Bestwick of Leek, 1876

Summons to George BESTWICK of Regent Street in Leek in the county of Stafford, Silk Manufacturer

“………………..did employ in a certain factory in your occupation a certain child named Joseph Shenton for more than seven working days without having obtained a surgical certificate for the said child.

These are therefore to command you in Her Majesty’s Name to be and appear on Monday the seventeenth day of July, 1876, at eleven o’clock in the forenoon at the Magistrate’s Clerk’s Office in Leek……….and you are hereby required to produce your registers and age certification book. ”

Constable Charles Haywood

George Bestwick was a silk manufacturer and factory owner, born in 1828 in Leek. He married Harriett Brassington in 1851 and in the 1871 census, they had seven children with the three eldest Robert, 19, Charles, 17 and Maria, 12, all working in their father’s factory, Robert as a silk twister and Charles and Maria as silk pickers. George died in 1895 leaving effects to the value of £110.

I believe that the child mentioned in this summons, Joseph Shenton, was a local lad, aged just 11 and the son of James and Mary Ann Shenton. He didn’t always work for George Bestwick in his factory, he became a courier before 1891. He died in 1935.

Constable Charles Heywood was promoted to Police Sergeant by 1881.